don't mention vs no mention

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사람들이 가장 자주 사용하는 표현은 don't mention 입니다

두 문구의 차이점은 무엇인가요?

"don't mention"은 화자가 더 이상 그 문제에 관하여 논의하고 싶지 않다는 것을 의미합니다. "no mention"은 아무도 그 어떤 것에 대해 특별한 언급이 없었다는 것을 의미합니다.

  • don't mention의 예문

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    I read once that "don't mention it" means "you're welcome." But you can also take it to mean "don't talk about it."

    Don't mention it. It was no problem for me to do at all and I am happy to do it.

    Thanks for lending me your bicycle. --Don't mention it!

    Please don't mention anything about the test results to my parents.

    He said don't mention it when I told him I owed him some money. I guess I don't have to pay him back.

    Don't mention it--I love doing favors for my friends.

    They signs don't mention which direction this little village is so I need to ask someone.

    Don't mention that I said that to my sister before, please.

    My brother said, "Don't mention it, man!"

  • no mention 의 예문

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    My English teacher keeps on repeating this again and again but makes no mention of it when I ask her directly.

    Both versions of the this print edition contain no mention of the anniversary of this global event.

    No mention shall be made of the events that transpired here tonight, so don't worry.

    You were supposed to arrive at 5:00 PM. Was there no mention of this in the invitation card?

    No mention should be made to the person who commits a social faux pas at a party.

    Didn't you say there was no mention of this price at the door last time?

    Make no mention of other people's identity unless they consent, please.

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