effective immediately vs effective from now

인터넷 검색 결과:
사람들이 가장 자주 사용하는 표현은 effective immediately 입니다

두 문구의 차이점은 무엇인가요?

공식적이고 격식을 차려야 하는 자리에서는 "effective immediately"를 사용하는게 맞습니다. "effective from now"는 더 구어체적이며 일상적으로 사용되는 표현입니다.

  • effective immediately의 예문

    검색 결과 약 5,280,000 개

    Your inspector general just postponed the investigation effective immediately.

    This puts my retirement effective immediately.

    Holly will begin her trial period effective immediately.

    You're relieved of duty, effective immediately.

    I resign as chairman, effective immediately.

    Liaison duties are discontinued, effective immediately.

    You're hereby placed on administrative leave, effective immediately.

    I'd like to tender my resignation, effective immediately.

    I will announce Jordan's departure from my staff effective immediately.

    We're cutting our losses, the program's being terminated effective immediately.

    So for sites classified strategic 2 or higher, we are reactivating analog alert systems effective immediately.

    Effective immediately, we will no longer have lunch outdoors.

  • effective from now의 예문

    검색 결과 약 117,000 개

    Termination without pension, effective 10 days from now.

    The universal vocation of the WTO will therefore be reinforced and the discussions on the ways of making its operation more effective will from now on be an absolutely essential exercise.

    The law there is pretty effective from now on I think.

    Dear Gillian, only an amateur, of course, but very effective now and then.

    Lastly, the Commission turns to economic governance, now possible thanks to the work of the Eurogroup, which has been even more effective now that it can count on a permanent president.

    I think there are more effective meds now.

    The effective age from now: 85.

    I believe the words she used were "effective from now."

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