time constraint vs time constraints

time constraints 是人们最常用的表达方式。


这两个短语的含义和用法都差不多。"time constraint"通常适用于单一限制,而"time constraints"指的是多个限制或问题。

  • time constraints的例句


    Court-imposed time constraints apply to anything the defendent wishes to appeal.

    For Infotypes falling under Time Constraints 1, 2 and 3: It is mandatory for a record to exist, and only 1 can exist at any point in time.

    There are quite a few time constraints that make it almost impossible for me to complete this project on time.

    Time constraints are now excuse for late work, Tina. You should always be on time with your tasks at work.

    Are there any time constraints keeping us from enjoying this activity?

    Time constraints be damned--we are going to have this festival no matter what!

    I didn't even think of all the time constraints that might make it very difficult for us to complete this on time.

  • time constraint的例句


    I said that there is a time constraint that makes it difficult to complete this task, but my boss didn't care.

    One major time constraint is watching TV or searching social media or the internet, and this really isn't a true** constraint on anyone's time**.

    A time constraint is something that requires a LOT of extra time but is essential to do or attend.

    I didn't even have one time constraint last week, so I completed a lot of crafts for the art fair.

    Do you have a time constraint for this weekend's team-building event?

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