mark your calendar vs mark your schedule

mark your calendar 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"mark your calendar"通常是说把至少几周或几个月后发生的事件标记好。 "mark your schedule"则通常用于安排近期就要发生的事件,这个表达方式在职场中很常见。

  • mark your calendar的例句


    So get ready - mark your calendar for all of these 2009 PokerNews Cup Alpine Freerolls and Satellites.

    Mark your Calendar for Lil Kleine After a long day of playing games, what better way than to celebrate with a musical performance?

    Mark your calendar now to play in as many satellites as you can, for more chances to win!

    Here are planned dates so you can mark your calendar now.

    Did you mark your calendar yet?

    So mark your calendar for these Sunday Weekly Tournament Dates:

    The starting whistle on this satellite sounds on January 6th at 20:00GMT, a Tuesday - mark your calendar - if you have to work that day, just call in sick!

    And don't forget to mark your calendar for all of these great FreeRolls coming soon - that you can qualify now for!

    The possibilities are endless of what you could do with a slice of a Million Dollar pie, so mark your calendar now for September 13th when the Million Dollar give-away starts!

    Mark your calendar: Cannes 6-7-8 November 2018.

  • mark your schedule的例句


    Mark the schedule you plan to follow and remember always to change your patch on the same two days of the week you have chosen on your calendar.

    Mark your schedule on your calendar.

    Mark your schedule. Time to develop yourself from ZERO to HERO! CU Gavel Club meetings are coming during the 1st semester/2017. Our regular meeting time...

    Mark Your Schedule , this will be the most anticipated event of the south! ⁦.

    At the pilot observation, mark your schedule carefully — you will fairly quickly find out if it is working or not. Leave the meeting, analyse whether the ...

    Art Lovers mark your schedule for 27th October 2021 . 3 views3 views. Oct 26, 2021. 1. Dislike. Share. Save. Art Gharana. Art Gharana.

    Employees, please mark your schedules to allow for the company picnic next week.

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