please note vs please be aware

please note 是人们最常用的表达方式。


两者意思和用法相近。"please note" 听起来不如"please be aware"紧急。

  • please note的例句


    Please note that the controller is not waterproof.

    Please note the navy colour is extremely dark.

    Marital Status Certificate - Libya Please note that current deadlines depend on current queues.

    Please note that this project require some sides to be beveled at 60 degrees.

    Please note that all the bathroms are shared.

    Please note this portal is only available in English.

    Please note that only.png images are supported.

    Please note that the shipping cost is non-refundable.

    Please note we reserve the right to reject any application.

    Please note that customs duties may apply for some international deliveries.

    Please note that this document was written in English.

  • please be aware的例句


    Please be aware that your emails are not completely private.

    Alerts. To All Our Patients: Please be aware that Advocare Cherry Hill Pediatrics is doing everything we can during this difficult Coronavirus time, to be here ...

        1. — Simply put, it means “please be aware” or “let it be known.” It comes before important information and is a way of highlighting this ...

    Dear Campus Citizen: Please be aware that ... Operation of a motor vehicle on the Valdosta State University campus is a privilege granted by the University ...

    Please be aware that we have had reports that fraudsters are making phone calls claiming to be from Hounslow Council, regarding the ...

        1. — PARENTS PLEASE BE AWARE. Parents & Carers A number of schools have shared with us, that some pupils through the use of TikTok have ...
        1. Please be aware that there is an ongoing jury scam involving failing to report for jury service. The caller states that a bench warrant has ...

    Please be aware of fraudulent activity. Some criminals are using the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to scam the public.

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