timewise vs time-wise

timewise 是較常見的用法。



  • timewise 的例句

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    Timewise, it looks like we have more than enough capability to finish the project.

    I don't know if I can make it at 6:00 on Friday, timewise. I could probably do 7:00 though.

    Are you able to have dinner or is it not possible for you, timewise?

    Is there anything I can help you with, timewise? We could accomplish a lot more if we work together on this.

    Timewise, everything works out in the end. Truth-wise, it's a different story, I'm afraid.

    Are you still okay to have coffee on Thursday, timewise?

    Ah, sorry, I can't do it. Timewise, it's a little difficult for me.

  • time-wise 的例句

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    Are we on schedule time-wise?

    Time-wise, I don't see any problems with this plan. But we don't really have enough resources to carry it out long term.

    Is he going to make it on Saturday, time-wise?

    Everyone said they are okay with this plan time-wise, but it's still a lot of hours to work on a weekend.

    Do you have any availability to meet with me this week, time-wise?

    Is it "time-wise" or "timewise"? I always get confused with how to construct this term.

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