all is done vs all are done

all are done 是較常見的用法。


“All are done”是正確的,適用於大多數情況下。如果 "all"這個詞指代單數,即指一個單一的集合體,應該用"all is done"。如果 "all"指代複數,應該用"all are done"。

  • all are done 的例句

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    The men are getting tired of this heat. All are done if we don't get them some air conditioning.

    All are going to be done by this weekend if I have enough time in my schedule.

    All are done for if we don't hurry up and finish the project.

    All the fish are done spawning for the season I think.

    All are done in a proper manner regarding basic safety standards.

    These acrylic paintings have been done over the last 4 months. All are done on canvas boards with acrylic paint.

    When you all are done with all your interviews and your talk shows, I'll slip this perfectly fitting gauntlet back on.

    They do everything in the oven without letting it steam or go soggy. Bread, fish, bacon, roast vegetables, all are done to perfection on the griddle.

    This "all" is a pronoun. The ambiguity in "We all are done" and "We are all done" is that "done" is a participle/verb.

    All are done using simple tools, a little smoke and glistening machetes. The result? Simple. Rich and tasty honey – poured, unheated and raw.

    All are done with the support of the clinical areas, peers and the PDN team.

    There are many different types of biopsies and not all are done with a needle or surgery. Ask your provider for more information.

    'Y'all are done': Texas OKs Sempra's $9.45 billion purchase of Dallas-based Oncor.

    We are happy to undertake both large and small projects and all are done to the same high standard and quality finish you would expect from master craftsmen.

    In plays, various individual rehearsals are organized as a music rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and act rehearsal. These all are done differently to prevent overlapping.

    Continue until all are done. Dust them lightly with icing sugar before serving.

    Finally all are done and upload completed in HD of NFS Most Wanted 2005!

    For example, assume that you have several promises to download files and process the content once all are done.

    An artist paints. A poet writes. A composer crafts beautiful music. **All are done **as solo endeavors.

    I was always told that the server should wait until all are done, unless there is another reason to remove it, such as a bowl of shells or a shortage of lobsters.

    Sword fights are happening near you. All are done safely, of course. You really feel the immediate rush of the action of this play.

    Soooo when y'all are done with the comfort session, what's with the box? Did you guys move recently or something?

    Almost all are done for academic credit.

    Photography is like cooking and baking: they are forms of art. All are done with love.

  • all is done 的例句

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    Then whatever is good for you whatever good for your society for your country all is done by this Divine Power.

    When all is done, human life is, at the greatest and the best, but like a froward child, that must be played with and humored a little to keep it quiet till bedtime.

    When all is done, and my last word is said, and ye who loved me murmur, 'He is dead,' Let no one weep, for fear that I should know.

    'All is done by Allah'. Understandings of Down syndrome and prenatal testing in Pakistan.

    After all is done and spoken After all that's whole is broken Little remains, nothing sticks There is nothing really left to fix.

    Is a Partnership truly over, when all is done but not said?

    On farms and ranches, all is done by hand.

    If All Is Done By Nature, Then What Is The Use Of Intellect?

    The most important thing is that the Ukrainian institutions continue working and that all is done under Ukrainian law.

    After all is done, you can safely buy a contract. Thus, a secondary is an agreement under which the parties are compelled to buy and sell a share.

    Maybe they get a sort of happy ending by being reunited and going to the great beyond when all is done.

    She said, “When all is done, I will concentrate out here.” She also told me when all is done, the elevator will only go to the floor below.

    He's insists that when all is done, Castellanos' numbers will resemble what's on the back of his baseball card – something close to 24.

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