I am in the office vs I am at the office

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사람들이 가장 자주 사용하는 표현은 I am in the office 입니다

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  • I am in the office의 예문

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    In the first sentence 'I am in the office' suggests that the speaker is working in the room of the office . In this situation the preposition ' in' ...

    I am in the office now. It means the same thing, and I suppose it is a personal preference on how it is said. lfeat ...

    While** I am in the office** if elected, I will accomplish 3 things. First, I will work as a representative through which students can voice their concerns and...

    And when I am in the office, I'll continue to collaborate with people virtually, as well as across the desk. Everyone on my team will likely ...

    Today I am in the office. This is my favourite environment to work as I am with the team! Can you see my little helper relaxing in bed?

    I am in the office, I was in the office. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, ...

    Why am I asked to verify my identity so many times when I am in the office? A. We may ask you to verify your name, social security number and birth date during ...

    She adds: "I'm more productive when I am in the office because it's more of a professional environment and you get to see people."

  • I am at the office의 예문

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    When I am at the office in Berlin or Münster, we often go out to eat somewhere. But sometimes we also bring something from home.

    As is the case when I am at the office, when required you may access my medical colleagues and all of the other members and services of the Amherstburg ...

    If** I am at the office**, I tend to work later, until 6:30 or 7 and don't do anything other than monitor emails later in the evening.

    I listen to music when I am at the office late at night or on weekends, as I need a little white noise / distraction or I get crazy.

    I am very productive when I am at the office.

    Used by 35% of remote workers. “I work hard when** I am at the office** and point out to colleagues and my boss when I do things such as ...

    When I am at the office I normally start by checking and answering my e-mails, I review book proposals that have come in and forward them to ...

    I always try to stay technology free until I am at the office that is why I am a post it lover: in less than 5 minutes I am now able to ...

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