has sent to me vs has sent me

has sent me 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"has sent to me" 和 "has sent me" 两者意思相近。但 "has sent me" 较常用且听起来很自然,"has sent to me" 是旧式用法。

  • has sent me的例句


    How do I read a message that someone has sent me? To access your emails: Log into your Webmail; Once you are logged in, you'll find the features.

    As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (Jn 20:21). May 2019. After giving an account of Jesus' terrible death on the cross and describing the disciples'

    My doctor or nurse has sent me a video link · Once you receive the message click on the link · It will then open your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome)

    f someone has sent me the link to a drive folder. How do I save the folder to my drive? A folder with images has been shared with me as a

    Wimbledon has sent me a message: I'm only a second class champion · The time has come for it to do the right thing: pay men and women equal prize

    He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.

    Can't see who has sent me a message anymore. Before I turned on the option to see who is interacting with you in messages and if they've seen me, I could see it.

    VHcloud has sent me an email flagging potential abuse from my services, what should I do? If abusive behaviour has been reported to us or detected by ourselves.

    Governor Ikpeazu has offered me the opportunity of contributing my quota to the service of our state and nation. He has sent me to represent him

    Scriptures Declaring Our Deliverance “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal.

    Most people say to install older Xbox One controller drivers, but every link has sent me … I went into my Nvidia control panel and saw the GeForce NOW

  • has sent to me的例句


    Then it has been demanded of me that I produce letters that I have sent to Dr. M'Farlane, and that Dr. M'Farlane has sent to me.

    They are some sucking calves my mother has sent to me, Hobs, bobs, very well done, sucking calves turned hunters' hounds, The like was never seen.

    That on the basis of what he has sent to me, there is zero evidence [...] to support his claims of wrongdoing or breaches of the Rules.

    My friend has sent to me a payment and it is still pending after 6 days! We've tried to contact customer service and nothing happen!

    Gratitude for all the teachers & lessons life has sent to me.

    Write a letter to your aunty thanking for the beautiful digital watch that she has sent to me

    At that time, I didn't realize the transaction ID that the “PayPal” had sent to me was fraudulent.

    Every mechanic Bimmer Mobile Specialist has sent to me has been extremely prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. Operated by a very honest, ...

    Everything that little chap has sent to me has been an absolute delight, with so many minor exceptions that my mind literally boggles!

    But let me repeat that on the basis of what he has sent to me, there is zero evidence to support his claims of wrongdoing or breaches of the Rules.

    One of our senior citizens in California, Mr. Harry Lurge, who is afflicted by blindness, has time to think and has sent to me some of his.

    So today, I'm sharing with you some of the comments she has sent to me and exactly how I handled them. I'm also going to share with you an excerpt from what she wrote.

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