I miss you all vs I miss you guys, too

I miss you all 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"I miss you all"是一个可以独立使用的句子。使用 "I miss all you guys, too" 前提是一些人已经说了他们想念说话者。

  • I miss you all的例句


    I say I miss you all the time, but really that just doesn't quite cover it. You are missing from my world and there just aren't any words to describe how that makes me feel.

    I miss you all the time. All the stars calling out your name.

    Message to my classmates: I miss you all! But I would also like to thank all my professors, especially SFW department’s Sergey Labrovnick.

    I miss you all. My old friends, I miss you all… where are you guys? I miss you all so so much… Just remember guys I am here for you all!

    Great job. Better than the tarping we did with Jeff and the team. I miss you all guys. Lots of love. Nino.

    I miss you all. May the Almighty Jah give you the best wishes you need in your life. I love you guys.

    So nice to be in Barcelona again last weekend. We were sketching the view from Miguel´s terrace and had too much fun. I miss you all, guys.

    Since I’ve been gone, I miss you all. I’ll never forget the times we all had together.

    I miss you all. I'm wishing you all a merry Christmas. Stay healthy and pure. Love yourself, love myself. I love you all! Have a great day!

    I miss you all day every day my best friend,” Keough wrote. “We spent my 29th birthday just the two of us and it was one of the best days ever.

    I miss you all and I will see you soon. I thank all of my colleagues who are helping to fill my shifts during this time.

    It's been too long since the last time… I miss you all so much.

  • I miss you guys, too的例句


    I miss you guys, too and very much! Happy anniversary and I love you to Kensey and Bryan.

    I know you all miss me. I miss you guys, too, you know.

    It’s not just rough on all of you. I miss you guys, too.

    “We’ll all miss you buddy,” said Clair. “Well, shucks, I already miss you folks, too.”

    “I miss you guys, too,” said Kayla, who was curled up in a leather armchair, a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains rising up through the window.

    Well, I miss you guys, too.

    That's awesome, Casey! I miss you guys, too.

    Short and sweet message: We can NOT do Toenail Tuesday again this month. I'm sorry, I miss you guys, too, but it just isn't safe right now.

    How’s my blinkies doing? i miss you guys too much already. I wonder when I’ll get to see you.

    Everyone else back in NY I miss you guys too and can't wait to tell you about the wonderful trip once I get back!!

    And on July 15, he replied to a fan saying how much they miss him and simply tweeted: 'I miss you guys, too. Believe me'.

    "I miss you guys too" I said. We disentangled from the hug ""Guys this is Seungkwan, my boyfriend, he's from Jeju: my childhood best friend. he Couldn’t speak that much.”

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